Friday, February 8, 2013

Lord Granthams Salmon Mousse with Dill

Hugh Bonneville plays Robert Crawley, known as Lord Grantham. 

"It's a Downton tradition. They have their feast at lunchtime and we have ours in the evening."

Title(s)Earl of Grantham 
Viscount Downton (before 1890)
Lord Grantham
His Lordship
Your Lordship
My Lord
Cousin Robert 
Military careerLord Lieutenant 
Colonel of the North Riding Volunteers 

Lord Grantham's Salmon Mousse with Dill


  • 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin, (from a 1/4-ounce envelope)
  • 5 ounces smoked salmon, chopped
  • 1  cups sour cream
  •  2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • Fresh cracked pepper
  • crackers or baguette slices, for serving


  1. Place 3 tablespoons cold water in a small saucepan, and sprinkle with gelatin; let soften, 5 minutes. Gently heat over low, stirring, just until gelatin dissolves; set aside.
  2. In the bowl of a food processor, combine salmon, sour cream, and lemon juice. Puree until smooth; season with pepper . With the processor running, add the slightly cooled gelatin mixture, and blend until combined.
  3. Pour into two 8-ounce ramekins or bowls. Without touching surface, cover container with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until firm but spreadable, about 2 hours or up to overnight. Garnish mousse with dill, if desired, and serve with crackers or baguette slices.

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