Sunday, February 24, 2013

If Mrs. Patmore cooked for diabetics....

Just in case, I'm ready with this recpie from Chef Robert Lewis The Happy Diabetic.

Major Richard Clarkson is the local doctor for the family, having known the three sisters since they were girls.

He's on the leading edge of diabetes care at Downton. He will be ready!



1 T of fresh blueberries
4 strawberries
2 T fresh raspberries
4 teaspoons sugar free chocolate syrup
4 small slices angel food (1 oz each)
Light real whipped cream

1. Slice 4 pieces angel food cake in 1 inch slices and toast lightly under a low broiler until golden brown.
2. Place the angel food on a plate.
3. Top each piece with 1 teaspoon whipped cream.
4. Place 1 sliced strawberry on top of the whipped cream.
5. Drizzle 1 teaspoon of sugar free chocolate sauce on top of each slice of cake.
6. Sprinkle with sugar free cinnamon sugar.
7. Place the blueberries and raspberries around the cake.

Servings:  Makes 4 HAPPY Desserts

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
            110 Calories
            21 gm Carbohydrates or 1 ½ Carb Choice
            2 gm Fat
            2 gm Protein

Recipe by Robert Lewis,

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